The planet is ancient. Historians have found ruins that they estimate have not been active cities for over 10,000 years. However, the earliest records of humans is only 2,000 years past, and to date, no historian has published more than an opinion of where humanity was born. The previous empire’s habit of destroying anything that might appear to usurp the emperor’s power did not help.

The current date is 423 AF. (AF=after the fall of the Empire) The empire Telgar nearly spanned the globe. The Emperor, an ArchMage of tremendous power by all reports, was very jealous of his power, and as any study of human nature could have warned him, his empire began slipping away. In spite of, some say, because of his tremendous power, a series of betrayals caused him to lose control of several countries. Inexplicable loss of communication and supply lines, assassinations of key personnel, confrontations with subordinates and subjects with unfavorable outcomes, all resulted in the Empire crumbling to nothing within a decade. Many of the kingdoms did not have sufficient structure to survive and reverted to barbarism.

Andelot survived. However only about a decade ago, the king was defeated in single combat. The rule at the time was that the strong rule. None of the officers was certain they could defeat the newcomer (Amovir), so he was offered rulership. Amovir is a Paladin of the One God. He consulted with the priests and they advised him to take the position, that it was a gift from God and that he must do with it what he felt was right.

Andelot has been turned upside down. The previous king was a despot. Amovir has to a large extent given power to subordinates all the way down so that even a simple serf now is virtually guaranteed to have peace and comfort. The scars are healing.

However, there are still forces out there that believe places like Andelot should not exist. That such a place allows the weak to prosper and is against the natural order of things.