His Majesty, Lord Amovir


Amovir is the son of a peasant farmer. His family was non-descript except that they were devout followers of the One God. A passing cleric came upon them and was offered room and board in spite of their obvious poverty. As always seems to be the case, as soon as he accepted, the family was blessed with more success than they had ever had. This gave the priest an opportunity to see the children at work. Seeing Amovir’s reliability and steadfastness, he called him to the side and spoke to him at length about his beliefs. He then asked Amovir’s father if he could train him to be a Paladin. Although at the time, this would put him at odds with the existing government, he would have a greater chance to do God’s will, with all that could imply. Amovir’s father left the decision to Amovir.

Amovir has not made whether or not his parents still live public in any regard.

Amovir has traveled to many countries. His reputation among believers varies depending upon the country. In Andelot, he is best known for defeating the former king. So well that it is difficult to get any other story; although it is possible to get excruciating detail. (The competition was public, and many that were there are still in Amovan.


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